YourPayroll API Announcements

12 September 2018 - Multi Region API Documentation Released

With KeyPay having launched in the United Kingdom (and with more regions coming soon) we have taken the step of splitting out our API to provide region specific endpoints.

You can find the new API documentation in the same location at, where you will be prompted to select the appropriate region.

Integration wise you don’t need to do anything different - all the region specific routing is done internally within KeyPay depending on the region of your Business.

As always we welcome your feedback!!!

10 September 2018 - Change to Update Employee Endpoint

We have released a change to the Update Employee endpoint (PUT /api/v2/{businessId}/employee/unstructured/{employeeId}) that the id field in the payload must match the {employeeId} in the url.

Any mismatch will result in a 400 Bad Request: EmployeeId in request body does not match EmployeeId in url being returned.