What emails are sent when setting up a new user via the API

When setting up a new user via the API, what emails (if any) are sent to them?

You can setup a user via the API in one of 2 ways:

Method 1
You can call the http://api.keypay.com.au/payroll/reference/user/user--post method which will create a new user (if one doesn’t exist). When you call this method, one of the params you can pass in is the apiOnly param which , which if you set it to “true” will not send any emails at all. If you set this param to “false” you will get an email with the following body:

Dear [user[,
Thanks for signing up for [whitelabel] payroll.
Your account has been setup and you are only a few steps away from using [whitelabel] to process your payruns…
The first thing you need to do is login and setup a new business
If you have any issues, please refer to our support site or you can drop our support team an email at support@yourpayroll.com.au
The [whitelabel] Team.

Method 2
The other way you can create a user is by directly associating that user with a business using the http://api.keypay.com.au/payroll/reference/business/business-access--post endpoint. This will allow you to assign a business to an existing business and if the user doesn’t already exist, it will send out 2 emails to assist the user in setting up their account.

The body of the first email is:

Dear [user],
Your new payroll administrator account has been setup and you are now able to administer payroll for [business name].
Your username is: [username]
Information on how to create a password for your account will be sent to you in a separate email.
If you already have your password you can login to the business dashboard
The [business name] Team.

The second email body is:

Dear [user],
Your [whitelabel] account has been created, but you need to create a password before you can use it.
To create your password, click on this link or copy/paste into your web browser
This is a one-time only link and will expire in 7 days.
The [whitelabel] Team.

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