Webhooks questions


I have some questions with regard to the webhook events:

  1. Is there any plan to support more webhook events for Qualification, Employee Qualification, Public Holiday, etc?

  2. The payload below is sent to our endpoint when an employee is created in KeyPay, I’m not sure if it’s the correct one. I wonder why the Action is BankAccountUpdated, not EmployeeCreated?

    "Id": "a17955c1a2ab40b0bdcb5bfd69fe219f",
    "Attempt": 1,
    "Properties": {},
    "Notifications": [
            "Action": "BankAccountUpdated",
            "Id": 856536,
            "EmployeeId": 1274070,
            "BSB": "",
            "AccountName": "Cash/Cheque",
            "AccountNumber": "",
            "AllocatedPercentage": 100,
            "FixedAmount": null,
            "AllocateBalance": true,
            "IsEmployeeEditable": false,
            "CanBeDeleted": false,
            "AccountType": 2,
            "ExternalReferenceId": null,
            "BusinessId": 1234
  1. We register all webhook events but nothing was sent to our endpoint when an employee was terminated. Is there anything wrong with the event?

Any advise would be appreciated.


  1. Those events are not currently on our road map, sorry.
    2 & 3. Could you write into support@yourpayroll.com.au with more details, such as the name of the business you’re try to do this for. We can then have a further look once we have the extra details.