Setting up Webhooks to API Link

Hello All,

I trust that you are well.
I have an API link to my ERP system and i am looking to find out how to setup the API link as a webhook in EasyPay.


Hi Jay,

Hopefully this documentation can help you out.

Hello Ken,

Thank you for your reply.
my situation is as follows:

  1. I have an API to D365 Business Central.
  2. I have setup the webhook in EasyPay to trigger it when the PayRun is finalized.
  3. When the PayRun is finalized, this should create a log in D365 Business Central.
  4. This then will create the GL Journal in D365 Business Central.

Currently, when I finalize the PayRun, the trigger does not seem to work and i do not see anything in my log file in D365 Business Central.

I think i might be correct in saying that there is no communication between EasyPay and my API.

I hope this makes sense.


Hi Jay,

I saw your support request, and I hope I’ve answered your question in there.