Pay Run Journals for Employing Entity


Wondering if it’s possible to get pay run journals by employing entity? I’m only seeing a way to get it for the business as a whole, e.g. ‘/{businessId}/journals/{payRunId}’.



Hi Joel,

I’m afraid that that there isn’t a way to get a pay run’s journals via the employing entity. Since the employing entity is a subset of a business, I’m not sure if there is a need for method to do so. I would assume that if you have the employing entity, you would have it’s parent business. If that’s not the case, could you let me know why you need to have a ‘/{employingEntityId}/journal/{payRunId}’ end point?

Thanks Ken,

We are looking at the use case where a customer might run the employing entity in a set of financial accounts that is completely separate to the financial accounts for the payroll business. This would require the ability specify pay run journals for just the employing entity, and just the payroll business excluding the employing entity. Or is this use case beyond your intentions for employing entities vs the payroll business?

Hi Joel,

I see. It would be too difficult to separate the journal items per Employing Entity within each pay run.

Might I suggest this approach? Set up pay schedules, and therefore pay runs, around each Employing Entity. eg. Setup a pay schedule for Weekly - EE1 and one for Weekly - EE2. Assign employees that belong to EE1 to the Weekly - EE1 schedule, and the same for EE2. That way the pay runs created will be created around the Employing Entities, and you will be able to get the journal items for each EE that way.