Pairing Your Payroll API with Custom Payroll Reports

Hello Everyone :hugs:,

I’m now looking for advice and standards of excellence from the community regarding a project I’m working on that requires us to integrate bespoke payroll statistics with the Your Payroll API.

Here’s some history about our configuration:

  • To handle employee payroll processing, we use the Your Payroll API.
  • React is used on the front end and Node.js on the back end of our application.
  • Custom payroll reports are required, and they must contain particular data points that are not included in the basic reports that the API provides.

After reading the API documentation, I was able to authenticate and retrieve the most basic paycheck info. I do, however, have a few difficulties:

Data Sources and Endpoints: Which endpoints are most useful for obtaining comprehensive payroll data? :thinking:

I’m specifically searching for thorough analyses of employee income, taxes, and deductions across a range of customizable dates.

Custom Report Creation: Is there a person who has put in place a custom reporting system that works well with the Your The payroll process API? If yes, whatever tools or libraries did you apply to structure and display the data? :thinking:

Efficiency and Rate Limits: Which methods would you suggest taking to guarantee effective data retrieval that doesn’t result in performance problems or hit rate limits? Exist there particular best practices for managing big datasets? :thinking:

Error Handling: When using the Your The payroll process API, what are the typical hazards or errors you’ve run into, and how have you handled them? :thinking:

I would be very grateful for any aws code fragments, examples, or references to pertinent materials. I’d also be interested in knowing about any difficulties you had and how you overcome them.

Thank You :pray: in Advance.