.Net Client Created Business not on the Website

The following worked (after initial fails around ABN value) and set the Id to 150428.

		var businessModel = new BusinessModel()
			ExternalId = "CompanyUniqueID",
			AddressLine1 = "CompanyExAddrStreet1",
			AddressLine2 = "CompanyExAddrStreet2",
			Name = "CompanyExName",
			LegalName = "CompanyExName",
			//NZBN = "CompanyExName",// string.Empty,
			DateCreated = DateTime.Now,
			ABN = "51824753669",

		var client = CreateApiClient(BaseUrl);

		businessModel = client.Business.Create(businessModel);

This business does not appear on the website and trying https://keypay.yourpayroll.com.au/Business/150428 gives me “something went wrong”.

What is the requirement to get a code created business appear on the front end?

Hi Scott,

I answered you in the support request that you created as well. Please use that channel from now on.