Key Pay API for beginners

I can see I’m going to need some help here. I want to develop an app that reads data from KeyPay databases into an external database for further analysis. Starting in Visual Studio C#. I’ve found and added the unirest libraries to my project. I am looking through the unirest-net-test.cs. Can anyone provide a sample project they have working using VS C# and unirest to get me started.

Hi David,

I’ll send you a private email with a zipped up ‘keypay api client’ that we have built in c#. It’s a little bit rough around the edges which is why we haven’t put it up on github yet but it should give you a starting point.


Hi Paul,

Is it possible to grab a copy of said ZIP file for C# API integration pls?

Many thanks!

Hey Tim,

No problems, I will send you a private email with the zip file.


Folks reading this may find GitHub - KeyPay/keypay-dotnet: .NET client for the KeyPay API useful and or relevant.