Is there any way to export Employee External Id in PayRun Earninglines via API?

We are trying to retrieve PayRun Earninglines for invoicing purpose but having difficulties getting Employee External ID.
All the employees in KeyPay System are assigned unique external ID (our internal system id). Is there any way to get that External Id in the earninglines response?

PayRun Earninglines are retrieved from,

Though the response has ‘externalId’ key, I’m not sure whether it is the Employee ExternalId or something else as it is empty.

[1] => stdClass Object
		[payCategoryId] => 1225395
		[payCategoryName] => Permanent - Ordinary Hours
		[units] => 4
		[notes] => 10/07/2017 - 07:00 to 11:00
		[rate] => 19.44
		[earnings] => 77.76
		[super] => 7.39
		[sfss] => 0
		[help] => 0
		[payg] => 18.68
		[lumpSumNumberOfPayPeriods] => 0
		[timesheetLineId] => xxxxx
		[externalId] => 
		[locationId] => xxxxxx
		[locationName] => ABC corporation
		[employeeId] => xxxxxx
		[employeeName] => Test Name


Thanks for your enquiry (and sorry for the delay in getting back to you). At this stage, there isn’t a way to include the employee’s external ID however I have added this request to our backlog.

We will be making some enhancements to the API in the near future and we’ll be sure to include this as one of those enhancements.