Is it possible to return more than 100 employees at a time from the API?

I’ve noticed the Employee endpoint on the API is one of the only ones that has ‘paging’ and returns only 100 results at a time.

As we’re trying to report on our data, we’ve hit a small roadblock in that our reporting system doesn’t support scripting that would be required to page through the results into a complete list.

Just wondering if there is any way to get a full list of all employee details without it being limited to 100 results at a time?

Due to the performance implications around allowing more than 100 employees to be returned at a time via the API, it’s not currently possible to retrieve more than 100 employees at a time so you need to page through the employees 100 employees at a time.

you can do this by using the ODATA $top and $skip params like so:

First 100
Second 100