ExternalId now available on EarningsLines within a payrun

We have just released an update to allow an ExternalId to be set when posting earnings lines to a pay run.

There is a new property on the EarningsLine object that you can set when posting earnings lines and will be returned when retrieving earnings lines from within a payrun.

  "payRunId": 1,
  "earningsLines": {
    "999": [
        "payCategoryId": "222",
        "payCategoryName": "Full Time - Standard",
        "units": 40.00000,
        "notes": null,
        "locationId": "38",
        "rate": 28.84615,
        "earnings": 1153.85000,
        "super": 103.85000,
        "sfss": 0.00000,
        "help": 0.00000,
        "payg": 237.00000,
        "externalId": "8937"

The EarningsLine API Method is: /api/v2/business/{businessId}/payrun/{payrunId}/earningslines