Employee Group APIs released

We’ve deployed an update which allows the maintenance of employee groups via the API.

The end point for retrieving employee groups is:

GET /api/v2/business/{businessid}/employeegroup

It is also possible to create/update/delete groups via the API.

The structure of an example employee group is:

    "id": 10,
    "name": "Sydney",
    "filterCombinationStrategy": "And",
    "filters": [
        "filterType": "Location",
        "operator": "In",
        "value": "479"
        "filterType": "Employee",
        "operator": "NotIn",
        "value": "3816"

Field Descriptions

filterCombinationStrategy - Allowed values are And and Or. The value dictates how multiple filters are logically combined.
filters - this is an array of filters that are combined according to the filterCombinationStrategy
filterType - Allowed values are Location, LocationOrParents, Employee, PaySchedule, EmploymentType, EmployingEntity or Tag
operator - Allowed values are In, NotIn
value - this is a comma separated list of values. Apart from Tag and EmploymentType filter types, the values should all be the numeric identifiers for the appropriate type of data (which can be retrieved via the API)

Refer to KeyPay API Reference: Specifications list for further details