Details of Payment,Tax, and Super annuation


I am consuming Keypay Api and i want to display Payslip in my application in which i have displayed Earning Details (using GetPayrun EarningLines ) and deduction details (using Get Payrun deduction )

Now i want to display
1 - Tax detail
2 - Payment Details
3 - Super Annuation detalis

but i couldn’t able to find an API for the same under payrun Section , please guide me ho can i fetch the above 3 details of payrun using API


Hi Hardik,

It sounds like you are after the ‘totals’ endpoint.

For example: /api/v2/business/{businessid}/payrun/{payrunid}/totals

This will give you the PAYG / Gross / Net / Super for each employee in the pay run.

The documentation for that endpoint should be in the API docs.