Deleting a Business

Hi Guys,

We are pushing some data from our internal software to KeyPay and everything is running smoothly, however after creating demo businesses we can’t then delete them using:

We are receiving a 404 error:
‘Client error: DELETE resulted in a 404 Not Found response’

Any ideas?


Hi Tim,

The Delete Business end point is actually only usable by system adminstrators, ie. KeyPay staff. That’s why it’s not working for you.

It shouldn’t be in the API docs, so I’ll remove it. Sorry for the confusion caused!

Not a problem Ken, appreciate your response.

Is there any way via the web interface to delete businesses that we create when testing? Or alternatively is there a sandbox we can use instead of our company demo account?

Hi Tim,

We do have a sandbox that you can use, but would you mind contacting, and ask for me, regarding it? I don’t want to reveal the details of it on an open forum.