API Updates: 12/02/2018

Just a quick note to let you know about the API updates that were released on Monday 12/2/2018.

New APIs

Employee bank accounts and super funds
Previously, the only way to maintain employee bank accounts and super funds was via the full Employee API. We now have explicit endpoints to create/update/delete bank accounts. For more information, refer to:

Employee pay run inclusions
It’s now possible to set up recurring deductions, tax adjustments, salary sacrifice etc via the API. Refer to the following for details:

Deleting pay run transaction items
It’s now possible to delete pay run earnings lines, leave accrual lines, deductions etc via the API. See:

Add leave (taken/accrued) to pay run
The functions of taking leave/accruing leave/adjusting leave are available via the API. See http://api.keypay.com.au/payroll/reference/pay-run/pay-run-leave-accrued--post for more details.

Updated APIs

Pay run transaction data now includes employee external ID
The GET requests for pay run transaction data now include the employee external ID. For example, see http://api.keypay.com.au/payroll/reference/pay-run/pay-run-earnings-line--get

Time and Attendance Clock On endpoint now returns the Shift ID in the response
See http://api.keypay.com.au/payroll/reference/time-and-attendance/time-and-attendance--clock-on for more details.

All ‘finalise’ options added to Pay Run Finalise endpoint
When finalising a pay run via the API, you can now specify whether to export journals, publish pay slips, send notifications etc. Refer to http://api.keypay.com.au/payroll/reference/pay-run/pay-run-finalise--post for more information.

New Web Hooks

The following new web hooks events are available:

  • Bank Account Updated
  • Bank Account Deleted
  • Employee Recurring Deduction Updated
  • Employee Recurring Deduction Deleted
  • Payment Summaries Published
  • Payment Summaries Unpublished