API Throttling has now been implemented

As KeyPay continues to grow, we’ve seen a large increase in API usage. To ensure that the API is stable and performance doesn’t degrade under high loads, we’ve introduced some throttling limits on the APi.

Currently the only limit is that we’re limiting requests from a single IP to 5 requests per second.

We’ll continue to monitor loads and adjust if necessary, but 5 requests per second should be more than enough.

Hey lomaxx,

Could you please advise if 5 requests per sec limits implements to each customer or based on Other source?


Hi Max,

We generally limit to 5 requests per second per customer (eg: 5 requests per second to /business/123/* and 5 requests per second to /business/456/*)…

What we are observing with Deputy is that it is sending through an unauthenticated request each time before it sends through the authenticated request. This means you are effectively halving your available requests per second. See screenshow below:

If you fix this issue so that you authenticate your requests correctly each time, you will have less issues with the rate limiting.