Addshift Request - Error 400

I got this response: “Employee is already clocked on” using the below request:

POST **** /kiosk/ **** /addshift

“employeeId”: 1769041,
“isAdminInitiated”: true,
“locationId”: 179304,
“recordedEndTimeUtc”: “2019-03-15T10:00:00”,
“recordedStartTimeUtc”: “2019-03-15T17:00:00”,
“shiftConditionIds”: ,
“workTypeId”: “”

Can anyone explain the concept of “Clock on and off”?

Hi Wing,

when someone starts a shift, they “clock on” - which indicates they’ve started working. When they end their shift they “clock off” - which indicaates they’ve ended their shift.

If you try and add a shift or “clock on” before the employee has ended their previous shift by “clocking off”, then you’ll get the above error.

In short, you need to end the current employee shift before you can add another one.