API Journals for Payruns


Hi Guys,

New to APIs and just wondering if there is an API to generate Journals after a pay run?




Hi Andrew,

We have an API endpoint that will retrieve the journal data for you. If you hit /api/v2/business/{businessId}/journals/{payrunid} , we will return the list of journals to you.

An example of the returned is:

    "externalAccountReferenceId": "853143",
    "amount": 11839.42,
    "amountUnrounded": 11839.42000,
    "reference": "Wages and Salary for pay period ending: 22/11/2015",
    "journalItemType": "Asset",
    "taxCode": null,
    "accountCode": null,
    "accountName": "Asset: CBA Life Saver",
    "details": null,
    "location": null,
    "isCredit": true,
    "isDebit": false
    "externalAccountReferenceId": "744123",
    "amount": -11791.92,
    "amountUnrounded": -11791.92000,
    "reference": "Wages Expense for pay period ending: 22/11/2015",
    "journalItemType": "DefaultExpense",
    "taxCode": "W1",
    "accountCode": null,
    "accountName": "Employee Base Pay",
    "details": null,
    "location": null,
    "isCredit": false,
    "isDebit": true



Awesome thank you for your help!!!


Hi Paul,

I am using the .NET bindings to access the API. I can’t seem to find this in the library. Am I correct in saying this is not implemented in the .NET library? If not, would it be possible to get an updated version with this implemented?



Hi Adam,

Unfortunately, the bindings project that was provided to you is for reference purposes only at this stage.

In the future, we will look to publish official bindings on github and maintain them according to new/updated API endpoints but at this stage you would need to add the code to the project yourself.



Hi Paul,

No problem. I’ve added it myself. Let me know once you have it up on GitHub and I’ll be happy to send it through as a pull request.