What is the pagination for returned report data?

Trying to understand how the report data, e.g., leave balances, are returned, wondering if all data are returned in one response or will be in different pages?


If you’re referring to any of the endpoints with /report/ in the path, all data will be returned in one response.

Other ‘resource’ endpoints such as ‘pay categories’, ‘leave categories’, ‘locations’ etc can be paginated using OData if required.

The only endpoint that paginates by default is the api/v2/business/{businessid}/employee/unstructured endpoint which restricts the result set to 100 records due to performance constraints.

Hope that helps.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply.

Another question regarding your reply: Other than the page of OData Filtering, is there a more detailed doc talking about which endpoints are supporting OData queries and what are the supported fields? For example, sometimes it works for filtering one field but not working for another filed for the same endpoint:
v2/business/{businessid}/leaverequest?$filter=Id eq 229335
Not working and gave me a 500 response:
i/v2/business/{businessid}/leaverequest?$filter=EmployeeId eq 571338