C# .Net Client Code

i want to consume Keypay API using .Net C# and performs operations like Create an Employee,Create Payrun and some of the Get Operations such as Get Employee List ,Get Payrun list etc.
I want an Sample Client Application to get startup point for me or else please suggest if there is an library to use this

Hi Hardik,

I’ve sent you an email with a sample c# api client. As I mentioned to somebody else in another thread, it’s a little bit rough around the edges but we use it ourselves in various places and it works well.


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Could someone please provide me with Keypay API for .Net?

Hi Matt, ok I’ve sent to your email address.

Hi Paul,

I’m also interested in the C# implementation. Would you be able to send it through to me as well?


Hi Paul,

Also interested in the C# implementation please.

Many thanks!

Hi Paul,

Could you also please send me an email with a sample c# api client.



Hey Joel, mail sent. Check your inbox :slight_smile:

I’d like a copy too please.

Hi, Paul, can you send me a copy, please

@astaro I’ll get you a copy of the code tonight.

For anybody tracking this thread, I just wanted to point out that we have now released an official .NET client for the keypay API. Read more about it here: ANNOUNCE: Official .NET api client